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Home hospital beds offer comfort and security for many senior citizens. When a loved one is sick or injured and requires extended bed rest, it isn't easy to provide care at home. One solution is buying a hospital bed, but buying vs. renting can be a complex topic because the upfront cost of purchasing a hospital bed includes delivery, installation, and maintenance costs.
If you are wondering how much hospital beds are, it depends on a few aspects, but basic hospital beds range between 800 to 1,500 dollars, and luxury hospital beds are often between 2,250 to 5,500 dollars. The difference is explored below but know it depends on the bed type, materials, size, and features.
Hospital beds come in various sizes to accommodate patients' needs and the available space in a healthcare facility. Generally, the standard width of a hospital mattress is 36", making it roughly 3" smaller than a twin mattress. Wider mattresses are available from some providers; however, they range from 39" to 48" max