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Med-Mizer ActiveCare SafeTurn Hospital Bed

Med-Mizer ActiveCare SafeTurn Hospital Bed

The Med-Mizer ActiveCare™ Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed is designed to improve mobility, comfort, independence, and safety with the push of just one button. This innovative bed addresses one of the most significant challenges in patient care: safely getting in and out of bed.

As the first US-manufactured rotating hospital bed, the ActiveCare™ incorporates advanced technology to enhance the experience for both patients and caregivers. It's particularly beneficial for individuals looking to maintain independence while managing a progressive illness or injury, allowing for safer transfers in and out of bed.

Key features of the Med-Mizer ActiveCare Hospital Bed include:

  • One Button SafeTurn Exit: This exclusive feature fully automates the bed's transformation into a chair, facilitating safe entry and exit for patients.
  • Full Chair Position: Allows patients to comfortably sit up in bed, enabling activities such as watching TV, eating meals, and socializing with family and friends.
  • RollBack in Place™: The head of the bed can articulate up to 80 degrees with rollback assistance, designed to alleviate shearing and friction in the lower back.
  • Optional Adjustable Overall Height: This feature allows the bed/chair to be adjusted to the exact height needed for entering or exiting, as well as for optimal caregiving positions.
  • Optional Built-in Stand Assist: When combined with the adjustable height feature, this can serve as a stand assist, setting the bed/chair to an appropriate height for added safety during transfers.
  • Optional Trendelenburg: Available with the height-adjustable bed, this feature supports advanced positioning needs and can assist with feet elevation.
  • Optional Battery Backup: Ensures the bed maintains full functionality during power outages.
  • Optional Under Bed Light: Provides ambient lighting below the bed, controllable via remote for nighttime use or caregiving.
  • Optional Removable Caregiver Controls on Footboard: Allows caregivers to operate the bed and includes lockout control for the hand pendant, which can be useful for patients with conditions like Alzheimer's or dementia.
  • Optional Advanced Digital Control Panel: Features include lockouts, digital HOB/knee angle and height indicators, and trendelenburg controls, making it a highly advanced "residential looking" hospital bed.

The ActiveCare™ bed is proudly made in the USA, built to withstand the demands of both home and facility use. Its innovative design aims to provide a solution that enhances patient independence while prioritizing safety for both users and caregivers.



  • Articulation: Head of bed can articulate up to 80 degrees
  • Rotation: Bed rotates to facilitate entry and exit
  • Optional Features:
    • Adjustable overall height
    • Built-in stand assist
    • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg (with height-adjustable option)
    • Battery backup
    • Under bed light
    • Removable caregiver controls on footboard
    • Advanced digital control panel
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

For detailed technical specifications, including dimensions, weight capacity, and electrical requirements, please consult Med-Mizer's official product documentation or contact their customer service.

Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

Specific warranty information for the ActiveCare SafeTurn Hospital Bed is not provided in the original product description. As this is a critical aspect of purchasing medical equipment, it's recommended to contact Med-Mizer directly or consult with an authorized dealer for comprehensive warranty details, including coverage period, terms, and any limitations.

Similarly, information about returns, exchanges, or trial periods is not included in the provided description. Potential buyers should inquire about these policies when considering the purchase of this specialized hospital bed.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding warranty coverage and return policies, please reach out to Med-Mizer or refer to their official product documentation.

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Amandeep Kaur
Very good product

Considering the quality, functionality, and overall performance of this product, it offers great value for the price.