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Med-Mizer Retract-F Retractabed Expandable Width Hi-Lo Bed Set


Med-Mizer Retract-F Fully Electric Hospital Bed RetractaBed

The Med-Mizer Retract-F Fully Electric Hospital RetractaBed Expandable Width Bed Set is an innovative solution designed for home care, long-term care, and post-acute care settings. This versatile bed frame combines advanced features with practical functionality to enhance patient care and caregiver efficiency.

Key Features

  • Retracting Bed Frame: Unique design that reduces potential falls by retracting towards the head section, pulling the resident closer to the bedside cabinet.
  • Expandable Width: Adjustable from 39" to 42" for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Hi-Lo Setting: Height adjustable from 9" to 25" to accommodate various care needs.
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 500 lbs, suitable for a wide range of patients.
  • Clinical-Contour®: An exclusive feature that reduces skin shear and the need for resident repositioning.
  • Comfort Wide™: Expands from 35" to 39" to 42" wide at the touch of a button for increased comfort and flexibility.
  • Evac Position™: Allows the bed to become narrower, enabling passage through doors less than 36 inches wide when a sidebar is attached.
  • Vertical Storage: Can be stored vertically, occupying only approximately 4 square feet of floor space.
  • Staff Lockout Control: Built into the pendant to prevent unintended operation.
  • Backlit Pendant: Enhances visibility of controls and provides additional safety at night.
  • Wall Bumpers: Soft, non-marking bumpers protect walls from damage.
  • SureLock: Improved safety feature for easier locking of casters.
  • Optional Embedded Bed Controls: Can be fixed in the assist bar or head rail to reduce handset replacement and increase staff productivity.

Design and Construction

The Retract-F bed frame features a strong box tubular construction, ensuring durability and stability. Each pivot point is reinforced with hardened steel to extend the bed's lifespan. The frame's design allows for easy vertical transportation and storage, making it ideal for facilities where space is at a premium.

Patient Safety and Comfort

The bed's retracting feature not only reduces the risk of falls but also increases the available space in the room for additional medical equipment. The expandable width and multiple positioning options, including the Clinical-Contour® feature, contribute to patient comfort and may help in reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

Caregiver Benefits

The Retract-F bed is designed to increase staff productivity and ease of use. Features like the backlit pendant, staff lockout control, and optional embedded controls contribute to more efficient patient care. The bed's ability to retract and expand also assists caregivers in providing personalized care tailored to each patient's needs.



Feature Specification
Deck Height (low position) 9"
Deck Height (high position) 25"
Sleeping Surface 35", 39", 42" x 80"L
Maximum Safe Working Load 500 lbs.
Bed Length (retracted 80" length deck) 71"
Bed Length (extended 80" length deck) 85"
Mattress Options

Mattress Options

The Med-Mizer Retract-F bed is compatible with several mattress options, including:

  1. MedMattress Care Mattress: A single layer channel cut foam mattress designed for low-risk patients.
  2. MedMattress Plus Care Mattress: A dual-layered, multi-density foam mattress suitable for low to moderate risk patients.
  3. MedMattress Pro Care Mattress: Features a dual-layered, multi-density foam with a cool-gel memory foam top layer, ideal for moderate risk patients.
  4. Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss & Alternating Pressure Mattress: An advanced option for patients at higher risk of pressure ulcers.
Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

While specific warranty information is not provided in the original description, it's recommended to contact Med-Mizer directly for detailed information about warranty coverage, terms, and any applicable return policies for the Retract-F Retractabed Expandable Width Hi-Lo Bed Set.

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Customer Reviews

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A Life-Changer for My Mom!

Since using this bed, my mom's comfort and independence have dramatically improved. I highly recommend the Med-Mizer Retract-F to anyone looking to enhance their loved one's quality of life. This bed has truly made a world of difference for us!