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MedaCure Ultra Low Hi-Low Hospital Bed

MedaCure Ultra Low Hi-Low Hospital Bed

The MedaCure Ultra Low Hospital Bed has established itself as the industry standard for long-term care hospital beds. This innovative bed offers a range of features designed to enhance patient comfort, safety, and ease of use for caregivers.

One of the standout features is the Auto Contour function, which simultaneously raises both the head and knees. This allows residents to maintain a comfortable position for various activities such as reading, watching TV, or conversing with family members. The synchronized movement also helps reduce the risk of painful skin shearing that can occur during repositioning.

The Ultra Low Hospital Bed is equipped with a Slat Deck, an upgrade from the Grid Deck found in most entry-level frames. This improvement provides better support and improved airflow for the mattress, contributing to patient comfort and mattress longevity.

Key features of the MedaCure Ultra Low Hi-Low Hospital Bed include:

  • Hi-Low Functionality: The bed can be lowered to a height of just 7 inches, making it one of the lowest beds available on the market. It can also be raised to a maximum height of 30 inches, providing a wide range of positioning options.
  • Auto Contour: This feature simultaneously raises both the head and knees, helping residents stay comfortably in place while repositioning for various activities.
  • Rapid Tool-Free Assembly: The bed is designed for quick setup without the need for special tools, minimizing delivery set-up time and simplifying maintenance.
  • Floor Lock System: This system secures the bed to the floor at all height ranges while allowing for Mobility-On-Demand. Caregivers can transport or maneuver the bed without waiting for it to reach full height. An indicator alerts staff if the bed is not properly locked.
  • Slat Deck Design: This design allows for improved infection control and reduces wear and tear on mattresses.
  • Rugged Hand Control: Features bright, universal symbols for easy operation of the bed's comfort controls by both residents and staff.
  • Expandable Bed/Mattress Length: The bed can be extended to 84" or 88" long, making it suitable for users over 6'1" tall.
  • Optional Bed/Mattress Width: Available in 42" or 48" widths with an expandable bed deck, offering options of 36", 42", or 48" width.
  • Optional Battery Backup: Ensures continued functionality during power outages.
  • Wall Bumper: Included to maintain proper distance from the wall for safe operation.


  • Height Range: 7" (lowest) to 30" (highest)
  • Standard Length: 80"
  • Extended Length Options: 84" or 88"
  • Width Options: 36", 42", or 48"
  • Deck Type: Slat Deck
Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

Warranty information for the MedaCure Ultra Low Hi-Low Hospital Bed is not provided in the original product description. For detailed warranty and return policy information, please contact MedaCure or refer to their official documentation.

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